Karara Mining Ltd

Karara Iron Ore Mining Serivces

Gascoyne, Western Australia


NRW has been awarded the mining, train loading and miscellaneous services contract with Karara Mining Ltd. The Karara mine site is located 320 kilometres north-east of Perth and 225 kilometres east of Geraldton, in the Shire of Perenjori, Western Australia. 

The Karara iron ore project is the largest mining operation in the Mid-West Region. The mine is a conventional open-pit operation, utilizing its integrated mining, processing and transport logistics to deliver high grade magnetite concentrate to the Geraldton Port for export to steelmakers. 

The primary scope of work and associated services is to develop the Karara mine, extract ore and waste and haul to determined destinations, stockpile and load trains with iron ore product, in a safe, efficient and economical manner. 

The scope of work includes: 

  • Clear land, remove and store topsoil for re-use and prepare banks,strip waste and store in nominated and approved areas.
  • Drill, blast, load and haul ore and waste to prescribed destinations.
  • Maintain all signage and delineation including safe systems of workin and around the pit.
  • Form final pit wall batters and berms.
  • Mine dewatering services.
  • Miscellaneous mining services including maintenance.
  • Train Loading.

Peak manning on the project will include 246 personnel (including Action Drill & Blast).