Iron Bridge Operations

Bulk Earthworks – Tailings Storage Facility

110 kilometres south of Port Hedland, Western Australia


NRW was successfully awarded the Bulk Earthworks – Tailings Storage Facility Project located 110 kilometres south of Port Hedland.

The Iron Bridge project comprises of North Star and Glacier Valley magnetite iron ore deposits and will use both dry and wet processing techniques to produce a high-grade magnetite concentrate, which will be transported via slurry pipeline to Port Hedland for shipping.


NRW’s contract of work is to construct the Stage 1A starter embankments of the Tailings Storage Facility (TSF) and the associated Return Water Pond (RWP).

The Stage 1A TSF starter embankment measures approximately 570 metres long, 120 metres wide and 27 metres in height

The scope of work includes:

  • Approximately 800,000 cubic metres of bulk earthworks.
  • Approximately 45,000 square metres of bituminous geomembrane liner to the TSF & RWP embankments.
  • Construction of a 315 metre long HDPE concrete-encased decant collection system with isolation knife gate valve.
  • A 200 metre long reinforced concrete footing at the return water pond consisting of grouted rock anchors and a 15 metre deep grout curtain to contain water in the RWP impoundment area.
  • Monitoring/Instrumentation: Installation of 30 x vibrating wire piezometers with over 11 kilometres of cabling as well as numerous groundwater monitoring bores.
  • Interface management with BHP mining and Geo-Sciences