Main Roads WA

Ravensthorpe Heavy Haulage Route

Ravensthorpe, Western Australia



South Coast Highway, which has operated as a significant freight route for many years, climbs steeply through Ravensthorpe. There are approximately 31,000 large truck movements through Ravensthorpe each year, a number set to increase with agricultural and mining developments in the region. In response to community concerns Main Roads WA received funding from the State Government to progress planning and construction of a heavy vehicle route around the Ravensthorpe townsite.

As a suitably prequalified R4 contractor for roadworks, NRW was awarded and commenced construction works in January 2015. As part of our local content commitment NRW engaged a number of local Earthworks contractors from Ravensthorpe and surrounding towns.

The project scope included construction to primerseal and asphalt stage of 5.6 kilometres of road which consisted of:

  • 3.3 kilometres on the Ravensthorpe Heavy Haulage Route
  • 0.72¬†kilometres of the Hopetoun Road Alignment
  • 1 kilometre on the South Coast Highway West and
  • 0.58 kilometres on the South Coast Highway East

Quantities included:

  • 90,000 cubic metres cut
  • 135,000 cubic metres fill
  • 5,700 metres of drainage including RCP Culverts up to 1500 mm in diameter

The heavy haulage route was officially opened by the Minister for Transport on Monday 21 December 2015. This project represents the first standalone contract NRW has performed directly to Main Roads WA following our participation in the City East Alliance JV for the Great Eastern Highway upgrade.