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Bunbury Outer Ring Road

Bunbury, Western Australia


The Southwest Gateway Alliance, comprising of Acciona, NRW Contracting, MACA Civil, AECOM and Aurecon, was awarded the Alliance contract for the Bunbury Outer Ring Road project.

NRW Contracting is a 40% partner in the Alliance which will deliver vital infrastructure to provide a safer and more efficient road system for the South-West of Western Australia.


A 27-kilometre free-flowing highway, linking Forrest Highway to Bussell Highway. The project will be delivered in three sections, providing an alternative route around Bunbury and separate local and regional traffic.

Northern Section – Forrest Highway to Boyanup Picton Road

  • Interchanges will be constructed at Forrest Highway, Raymond Road, South Western Highway, Waterloo and Willinge Drive.
  • There will be a full connection at South Western Highway, providing better access for Bunbury CBD and Ferguson Valley.

Central Section – Boyanup Picton Road to South Western Highway

  • Completed in May 2013, the four-kilometre Central Section included the extension of Port Access Road (Willinge Drive).
  • Willinge Drive, one of the larger interchanges provides access to Bunbury Port. Works will include extending the Willinge Drive to South Western Highway, providing new access for the timber industry.

Southern Section – South Western Highway to Bussell Highway

  • The Southern Section will include interchanges at Bussell Highway and Centenary Road, and a connection to Jules Road.